Time to Replace your R22 Equipment.

Time is running out for the replacement of your old R22 Equipment, New R22 is already banned and from the end of 2014 any use of recycled R22 will be banned, as the last R22 equipment was sold in 2001 this equipment is already at least 11 years old and probably due for replacement anyway.

Coolair Equipment are committed to making the phase out of R22 as easy as possible for our customers, and we have a range of solutions including the replacement of your existing units reusing existing pipe work and wiring, as this equipment is up to 70% more efficient the running costs and environmental impact is far better, we also safely dispose of your old refrigerant and offer a recycling service also to dispose and recycle your old units, please contact your local Coolair Branch for further details, and demonstration of energy savings and carbon reduction using an Audit tool.