At Coolair we have a belief that if you’re a happy unit on the inside you’ll be more effective on the outside. We’re tremendously proud of the loyalty of our workforce; fifty per cent of our permanent employees have been with us for 10 years or more.

We believe this is largely down to our policy of nurturing home-grown talent and creating a collaborative and supportive culture. Promoting youth helps to keep us fresh, and encourages the kind of openness and vitality that prevents a stable organisation from getting complacent. But a strong brand is about doing things consistently well, and by developing talent from the ground up we’ve established a strong reputation for doing things a particular way.

Part of that ‘way’ is to communicate in a clear and plain-speaking style, both with each other and with our clients and partners. We share knowledge and experience through shadowing and constant dialogue; we prefer regular conversations to formal meetings because we’ve found that little and often works best.

Coolair feels like a family, and that’s the way we like it. We promote and train young people not just in their technical trade, but also in their responsibilities to each other, to clients, to suppliers and to the wider community (as seen in our charity and CSR activities).

To do what we do, our people need to be knowledgeable and well qualified. But it’s our culture which produces the kind of behaviours and service levels our clients have come to value.