Our clients run critical businesses and want continuity of service for their customers. That’s why our installation has to be well designed, professionally installed and properly maintained. But we also believe in a stable workforce, creating continuity of experience & knowledge for the clients and suppliers who deal with Coolair.

Efficiency & Innovation

As the population grows and the need for energy increases, it’s essential we devise new and increasingly efficient ways to cool and heat indoor environments. We believe in renewable energy technology and expect our engineers and technicians to find the most creative, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Openness & Simplicity

We like to keep things simple; we promise to communicate in plain language and keep reports and proposals as clear as possible. We value openness – if something needs to be said, we say it in a polite, respectful but unambiguous manner. And we never lose sight of our primary purpose – to serve our clients in the best way we can so they can serve their customers.


Although we’re dealing with technical equipment, this industry really is a people business. We aim to get the right people on board, help them understand the ‘Coolair Way’ and support them in their work. Our employees work as an integrated team, to the same end – to deliver an outstanding result for our clients.


One of the most powerful assets in any company is what you know. Our clients rely on our technical knowledge and experience to design and install equipment solutions that serve a purpose, and give lasting service. So we place great emphasis not just on technical training but also in the sharing of knowledge from experienced staff to younger apprentices.


Strong relationships are built on trust and loyalty, the bedrock of any sustainable business. This is why we’ve enjoyed long-lasting relationships with clients and partners – working alliances which result in successful projects, time and time again. But it’s tough to create that loyalty if you’re not solid on the inside. Many of Coolair’s employees have progressed through our ranks over many years, our MD being a case in point! We like to develop our own people and that’s led to a stable and loyal workforce. You don’t buy loyalty, you earn it.


Our success depends on the quality of service we give to our clients. When you keep things simple, anticipate problems before they surface, communicate clearly (and often) and deliver on your promises, it makes things easier for everyone. We go that little bit further, looking out for clients and getting a buzz out of delighting people, rather than simply doing what’s expected. This is something we value and encourage within Coolair, and that’s why it keeps happening!


When we take on a project we’re like a dog with a bone – we don’t let go easily! We won’t relax until you’re satisfied with the installation, but even then we want to support you into the future. We want you to enjoy the maximum benefit from your units, helping you maintain your equipment and keep it operating at optimum levels.