SIG Alliance is a collective group of partners and suppliers operating under a single umbrella aimed at serving the customer.

This allows a single collaborative approach to be taken on any project, drawing on the combined expertise of the partners and offering the widest range of project solutions.

Backed by the SIG Alliance, SIG Infrastructure provides engineering and product procurement. Due to their strong partnerships they operate at the forefront of the industry, challenging for the biggest projects in the infrastructure sector.

SIG Infrastructure focus on providing customers with a single support channel & streamlining the sourcing process for specialist infrastructure projects. All the materials, services and advice you need are available from one place, helping you deliver your project on time and on budget.

Coolair are an SIG Infrastructure partner, contributing our knowledge and expertise of renewable energies. We actively promote the use of energy saving technologies and have considerable experience in the application of air and water source heat pumps and heat reclaim vent systems.

In addition to the technologies, we advise on government schemes such as ECA and RHI, all of which can produce significant cost savings. The sectors we advise include construction, social housing, developers, mechanical services, consultants, architects and end users.

For further information on SIG Infrastructure and Coolair’s role within this partnership please contact our Manchester office on 0161 342 6918, who will put you in touch with our specialist team.

Details of SIG and all partners can be found here SIG Infrastructure Brochure 2015