HVAC Energy Audits

What is a HVAC Energy Audit?

A comprehensive review of the performance of your existing HVAC systems compared with the modern energy-efficient systems now on the market, with a view to saving energy, reducing costs and optimising performance.

Why should I have one?

Climate change is now a global challenge and a key objective for government is the reduction of the UK’s carbon footprint in line with global agreements. Accounting for 18% of the UK’s emissions, commercial buildings have been targeted for substantial energy efficiencies.

  • Government are introducing incentive schemes such as Enhanced Capital Allowances (EHAs) to encourage more energy efficient HVAC systems to be installed.
  • R22 / R407c-based air conditioning systems are now reaching the end of their useful lives making service and maintenance increasing difficult & expensive as both spares and refrigerant become harder to obtain

So the time has never been more relevant to consider making changes. An Energy Audit can produce both short term cost savings and also help to future-proof against additional costs expected through long-term regulatory changes.

What does it involve?

There are two ways we can complete a survey for you. Either send us an up-to-date asset list, or, for a more accurate review we’ll come out to visit your premises. We’ll inspect your existing HVAC equipment and assess its general condition, how well it’s been maintained and what running hours it has to cope with. A face-to-face meeting also lets us get a better understanding of your organisation’s needs and any specific challenges, such as planned changes or regulatory requirements.

How long will it take?

A site visit normally takes around a couple of hours. Once we’ve seen the equipment in place we’ll then come away and prepare our report and recommendations which will be on your desk within the next 7 working days.

What feedback will I get?

Our report will include a like-for-like comparison of your existing HVAC equipment against the more up-to-date models, and show in a simple format the CO2 and cost savings to be made should you choose to upgrade. It will also include any alternative solutions we think may give additional savings or benefits. This puts all the information at your finger-tips and the choice is then yours.

How can I arrange a visit?

  • Call our Manchester office on 0161 343 6000


We’ll put you in touch with one of our team who’s best placed to cover your location and book a convenient date for the inspection