“There is always opportunity to develop. I’ve been here 16 years and I learn something new every day.”

“Family is everything to me, which is why I love my job at Coolair so much.

“We are like one very large extended family; it’s full of characters and we all do our bit to ensure we’re a functioning family unit.

“For me, that means ensuring the sales team have everything perfectly in place when it comes to paperwork and contracts. I meticulously check every detail to make sure it’s correct.

“Everything I know about the HVAC industry I have learnt from the people around me. We all want the company to succeed so when it comes to sharing knowledge and skills, we are all very generous.

“Away from my Coolair family, I love spending time with my young family and my best friends, either drinking wine or going to the gym. But my perfect day would be a combination of both – I’d be somewhere hot, surrounded by the people I love, a swimming pool close by and rosé wine on tap!”