Some press for our website

Our website partners Parker Design Ltd have chosen to use Coolair as a case study on their own site. They explain the brief they were given (to deliver a modern, clear, simple and friendly website for us) & showcase how they’ve helped us get to where we are now. There’s obviously still a lot of work to do which Parker Design will obviously be helping us with, but this shows the progress we’ve made so far

Customer-centric website design

A continuation of our client’s drive to become a trusted knowledge store for new and existing customers, our digital team produced a fully mobile responsive solution that was also fully content-managed.

Coolair, who deliver commercial air conditioning solutions, aims to create an inviting and comfortable environment for a diverse range of clients across the UK. Our client prides themselves on their quality offering of excellent customer service, strong engineering and design capability.

Our website design translates that ethos into a visual and functional experience, with customers and quality service you can trust at the heart of the journey. From the moment customers land on the homepage, the website design allows our client to position themselves as a firmly established company with a history, offering expertise in a wide range of services.

The website design includes a news blog and case studies section, custom team photography, and a key message carousel. It also features a comprehensive pool of resources, a search facility, and document resource centre, as well as links to social channels, an embedded Twitter feed and Google location map. The website design also includes a page with information on key supplier relationships, further contributing to Coolair’s efforts to strive for quality and customer service.

Helen Sharratt, Coolair’s Finance Director commented: “The purpose of taking a back-to-basics approach and starting our website again almost from scratch was to develop content and imagery which lets our market know exactly who we are – as opposed to who they think we are.

Having grown to become one of the largest air conditioning installers in the UK, significant sections of the market have perceived us to only be concerned with large scale contracts, when in fact the opposite is true. We wanted to create a platform which could reach across our diverse client base, large and small, and which clearly shows the breadth of services we are able to offer each one.

Whilst still in its developmental stages, with the help of Parker Design our intention is to grow our web presence as a knowledge portal and contact centre rather than an e-trading platform, although we have seen even in the short time it has been live our web enquiries increase from 2 or 3 per month to 40 – 50.”