Reflok Approved by Mitsubishi Electric

Aluminium piping and jointing manufacturer Reflok, has announced that Mitsubishi Electric has approved their system for use on all their equipment.

The approval process by Mitsubishi Electric has taken two years during which time the air conditioning and heat pump giant carried out thorough testing and trials on the Reflok equipment.

One of the main concerns about using Reflok’s equipment on Mitsubishi Electric’s product was that it would affect the warranty, which put many contractors and specifiers off using the system.

Using the aluminium piping and jointing has a number of benefits over copper piping, including the elimination of the need for brazing on site, the elimination of hot work permits and fire watch periods, and the increase in the installation speeds.

This is what Reflok say “A revolutionary connection system which combines aerospace technology using aluminium in place of copper tube.”

The Reflok connector requires NO heat, NO hot works permit is required, NO fire alarm stand down, NO smouldering time, NO oxidation and NO purging.

Uniquely, Reflok allows the use of aluminium tubing which is cleaner, greener and much more cost effective. No heat and no copper means no oxidation and no need to purge the system.

Blocked filters and damaged compressors will become a thing of the past.

Reflok offers a comprehensive range of HVAC air conditioning and DX refrigeration tube sizes with connectors and adaptors from 1/4” to 2 1/8”. As well as straight tube and reduction connectors, Reflok® offers innovative BS box and Fan Coil connector solutions.

This system could radically change the way Coolair install air conditioning in the future offering many operation and environmental benefits, it also will hope us overcome the problem of using naked flames during the brazing process in areas where we have not been in the past been able to work.